We have all had a client relationship that went south – and not for vacation. We can chalk it up to a “learning experience” and continue to think of different ways to communicate how the process works when buying “creative intelligence”. But just when you think you nailed it, a difficult client or prospect comes out of left field. Most of us know and understand that marketing agencies typically do not sell widgets, they sell trust, creativity, and ideas that will effectively position a company to achieve their desired marketing initiatives.

Therefore, we want YOU and your marketing department to be prepared for any upcoming creative needs that may require retaining the services of an agency. We think the three points listed below are critical to consider when starting the creative process.

  • Don’t take the initial meeting with your agency lightly. This is a very important time to provide them with as much information as possible, such as goals, mission, vision and other overall company objectives and expectations. The more an agency knows and understands about your company, the better they can help you get to your final destination. We want you to be successful, so over-sharing is always welcome. Also remember that goals have no expiration date, so stay calm and don’t rush the process.
  • The creative process is ever evolving and also subjective. Having the mindset that the perfect solution is going to be delivered in the initial round of creative is not realistic. It takes ongoing communication between both parties to fine-tune the strategies, and when necessary, change direction altogether. Ultimately, you will land on the final product that best represents the personality of your company and your company brand.
  • Participating in the development of new marketing materials and providing constructive feedback to further improve the finished product will benefit the ROI on your investment. You, the client, understand your product, service, and company better than anyone. Be a positive team member along the way and share as much intelligence as possible to land on the best solution. Have we mentioned that over-sharing is welcome? It’s also important to be professional during this process and work hard at not being that one PITA client we all encounter periodically. This is also a great time to include others within your company to sit at the table and share thoughts and ideas. Sometimes the best feedback comes from those unexpected guests invited to the party.

The best relationships are typically the ones with the most transparent communication. Agency relationships are no different. Remember that you and your agency are on the same team. Teamwork makes the dream work (it really does). It also encourages the agency YOU hired to be more diligent in providing their highest level of service. Chemistry is king and the results will prove it in spades if there is clarity throughout the evolution of the design and project milestones.

Ready to get started with some new and engaging marketing ideas? We can help. We want to help. We will help and look forward to hearing your story!

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