GROUP 2 – founded in 1988 and headquartered in Pittsburgh – is an integrated marketing and communications firm offering creative services to a diverse client base. The company was established on the foundation of providing a premium quality offering at a fair price and in a timely manner, which still aligns with the company goals today.

We are creative marketing and branding professionals — experienced and road-tested. We are committed to doing what it takes to meet your objectives. And we are ready to serve as your partner in developing a campaign that delivers. Our core services are listed below. Really, there are no limits to the service we can provide. As a longstanding creative boutique agency, we have access to the skills and expertise of an eclectic pool of outstanding talent.

Group 2 - Pittsburgh Creative Strategies - office interior

Core Services

Creative Strategy

No cookie cutters here. This is about your brand, your needs, your market, and your resources. Exploring and understanding these elements of your business are at the core of our service to you. With that understanding, we develop a custom creative strategy that ensures the visual harmony, consistency, and effectiveness of all components of your campaign.

Marketing and Communications Planning & Development

An effective, long-term marketing strategy relies on a comprehensive planning process. Our GROUP 2 creative team, strategy advisers and writers collaborate with you in a series of discovery and idea-sharing sessions. From there, a premium plan will be developed, which will engage mediums that generate maximum ROI while working within your budget and time frame.

Messaging, Value Proposition & Key Content Platforms

So, what’s the story of your brand or product? How should you tell it? Where and to whom will you tell it? Not to worry. Our team handles everything from data compilation to creative processing in order to craft messaging that effectively expresses your brand identity and value propositions. The takeaway is a complete menu of messaging and communication tools that live long and harmoniously with all elements of your campaign while making it simple to tell your story from any platform.

Management of All Partnered Resources

At GROUP 2, we vet, coordinate, and manage all participants in all facets of a campaign. We assume accountability in ensuring that each partner and vendor provides the absolute best and most appropriate product or service to meet your needs. Our network of professionals brings to your campaign well over 100 years of combined experience and success. Once contracted, we will provide you with an entire network profile.