And then the client said, “I want to be ranked by tomorrow”. Oh boy, we love having this conversation with clients and prospects. A lot of crazy things can happen overnight, but SEO success is not one of them. Steer clear from those that promise instant success as it usually equates to more money in the long run to fix their mistakes. Optimizing your website for search engines and potential customers takes a solid strategy, time, patience, constant monitoring, revising and yes, a bit of cash. There is no quick fix that will be sustainable over time. So, what can you expect? Below are a few things to keep in mind when strategizing for SEO success.

  • You won’t get quick results, so be patient, do the work and results will come. SEO work is much like going to the gym. First, you need to commit to doing the work, set realistic goals and understand that you won’t wake up as #ONE. Work with knowledgeable and dependable experts in the industry that can educate you before and throughout the entire SEO journey.
  • Remind yourself that Google algorithms and rankings are constantly changing. This means that your strategy should be changing as well. As you and your team of experts begin to experiment and find what techniques are working best, you will want to make those adjustments in the plan. Keep in mind that the goal of a search engine is to provide its users with the best possible online experience. New sites take longer to optimize until the trust is built, but existing sites that are constantly updating with new and helpful content always get a nice wink from Google and all other search engines.
  • SEO requires long-term maintenance. It’s not a “one-stop shop” deal, it’s more of a “we are married and need to work on this forever”. You will always want to be in review mode to ensure goals are headed in the right direction. Make good use of the data to figure out what metrics are making the most progress. You will have access to lots of data that you can reference daily, weekly and monthly and it’s there for a reason, so make it work for you!
  • Optimize where you can. While quality inbound links and top-notch relevant content are King, a stellar user experience, page speed, mobile responsiveness, consistent and helpful blogging, and making the best use of your social media accounts will help you stay on top of your SEO game as well. It’s worth the extra work and effort to consistently make relevant updates to your site. Don’t cheat your rankings out of these important opportunities.

While we can’t guarantee when and how fast your site will be ranked, we can guarantee you that in the constantly changing and updating world of SEO you will need to have a smashing website that is full of great content, a site that is continually in update mode, and one that gives your users a great experience. Increasing user experience ultimately means increasing your bottom line!

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