Don’t break out the black dress or suit just yet, print ads are still alive- despite the rumors.

While digital marketing certainly is the favored contender in the marketing arena, print ads are still powerful. Digital, social, and mobile are the current heroes but in order to achieve strong brand recognition you should be adding print to your marketing strategy.

You don’t want to leave out those demographics that still like to read and are not yet comfortable in the digital world (yep, they are still out there).

We spend a great deal of time in front of laptops, tablets, and smartphones but there are still plenty of circumstances when print can, and will, trump digital advertising.

Print still matters.

There are many factors that contribute to print’s effectiveness, be sure to consider before you write off print ads!

Print likes to hang out

Magazines, newspapers, business cards, and sales incentives- print ads can stay on your desk for months while digital ads will flash by you in a nanosecond. People tend to take more time to read something tangible unlike online where it is more of a scan. A captivating print ad will draw an audience in and keep them engaged longer than a digital ad. And let’s not forget the risk that viewers won’t click on the ad due to fear of spam and viruses. Paper likes to hang out for a while and there is no risk involved – just like any good mother-in-law.

Print Ads are tangible

Perhaps one of the most important reasons is tangibility. Having it in your hands makes it real and more credible than those annoying pop-up ads that flash across your screen. You can hold it in your hands, view the vibrant colors and have plenty of time to digest the content. You trust it. Go ahead, take the office poll and see who remembers the ads they saw online today verses the ones they viewed in a print publication.

Hats off to Peugeot for this stellar print ad that involved an interactive air bag. The two-page spread asked the reader to hit the wheel and once this was done, a small air bag was released. Would you not look and play with this print ad all day? This is awesome and a great example of creative print.

Print is great for target marketing

Ad placement in a specialty magazine or trade magazine can quickly reach your target audience and save you from the guess work that is sometimes involved in digital advertising.

Have you seen the new Old Spice print advertisement featured in GQ? This smokin’ hot ad presents the reader with a fully scented man-sized disposable paper blazer (for real). The red blazer is also loaded with the “luxurious smells of the Old Spice Captain”. You will never find this on a digital platform and be assured that those red blazers will be put to some very creative uses by the readers. Who will forget this genius idea?

Like us, those car manufacturers love print, and rightfully so. You will find them in trade, food, and specialty magazines that hits every demographic out there.

Check out this unique print example from Lexus a few years back. They integrated digital with their print ad, watch this YouTube video to see how it was done. Would you take the time to interact with Lexus? Of course you would.

Overall, print ads still rock.

We believe the best way to get your brand out there is to take advantage of the many different marketing channels available. Finding the right balance will help you establish a strong brand recognition. Don’t discount print ads, just get creative with it and engage Group 2 for assistance in the effort!

Want to learn more about how print can help you hit your numbers? Give Group 2 a call at 412-605-0834 and let’s get started.