The value of seasoned veterans nurturing the younger generations, whether in the workplace and/or in our personal lives, can only help to improve the future. At least we think so. We, as a society need to take more time to appreciate what those who have served can offer, learn from them, and appreciate their stories. After all, history was meant to be passed down from generation to generation.

The younger cultures should take advantage of hearing our Veteran’s story. They bring a great deal of value to the workplace and gleaning what you can from their military work experience can be helpful to your career.

Why Hire Seasoned Veterans?

Veterans bring with them many valuable traits that are worthy of attention. To name just a few, leadership, teamwork, respect, and appreciation for leadership, managing stressful situations with tight deadlines, and one that we don’t often think about is storytelling. It’s the Norman Rockwell painting where words are not needed but you can see the value and the difference it is making in generations to come. Let’s dig a little deeper.


Great for our country and even better for your business. While serving our country, Veterans are taught what it takes to complete a task and complete it with zero mistakes. Their communication skills are exceptional, and they understand how to communicate objectives clearly to their teammates.

They have the ability to lead others to work together toward achieving a common goal. They understand the importance of taking orders and they also know how and when to give them.


Veterans are team players and understand the importance of working with teammates to achieve the same goal. They are committed to the mission and will complete the tasks needed to complete the mission despite obstacles that may arise. Working successfully as a team is considered an essential skill in the workplace. Teamwork is also the foundation on which safe and successful military operations are conducted.

Respect and Appreciation for Leadership

Seasoned veterans respect and understand the roles of leaders. They learn this very early in their military career and is a trait that is embedded in their culture. A great trait to bring into the civilian workplace.

Managing Stressful Situations with Tight Deadlines

Learning how to work in a life or death situation and keeping your cool while doing so is a skill that cannot be taught in the civilian workplace. At least we hope not for your sake.

Diversity and Inclusion

Veterans have worked with all walks of life regardless of race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion, and economic status as well as mental, physical, and attitudinal capabilities. One team, one goal, enough said.

Instilling the Veteran Experience into Our Younger Culture – Storytelling

We’ve all been at the table listening to our elders while they talk about their past. Maybe boring at the time but looking back don’t you wish you listened a little bit longer and harder?

Have you ever been at the table with a bunch of Veterans that have served on the same mission? Interesting, fascinating, funny, and sometimes sad to say the least.

Our Veterans have a great story to tell if we take the time to listen. Their commitment to our country and to their mission will provide us all with a great deal of knowledge that we simply do not get in corporate America. Respect for core values and leadership sometimes is better learned from those that have served. Learning about those experiences and how they achieved success on the mission certainly can be carried over to success in the workplace today. How do we instill those values into the younger culture? Storytelling. Listen up the next time a Vet wants to tell his or her story.

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