Back in the day, high quality content was king with relative costs understood and timing negotiable. In today’s world, it’s all about how cheap and how quick you can respond to a request. The paradigm has shifted greatly over the years which makes it difficult to provide all three at an acceptable level.

Whether you are developing a website or implementing a marketing strategy, high quality content, low cost, and timing are the three topics that require the most discussion. In our “instant gratification” world, the focus is not always on quality- but on having something in hand quick and cheap. Our world doesn’t look for a high-quality finished product designed for maximum, long-term effectiveness.

You Have 3 Options When Bringing a Project to the Table.

The answer may seem obvious at first- but consider the cost of cutting costs.

Create something fast and cheap.

Instant gratification rules the world and sometimes drives our decision making. Marketing efficiency is highly desirable when people only have time for quick news feeds on Twitter or two-day shipping from Amazon Prime- the need for speed is almost expected from everyone. However, when you are making a decision that will affect your business short and long term, speed should not be the driver. It can be reasonable but should not eclipse quality- ever.

When you create hasty marketing material, mistakes are overlooked, and it is much more costly to go back and correct than to get it right the first time. The best products and projects are the ones created with quality in mind. Remember…you get what you pay for. Cheap marketing ideas won’t take you far- even if they take you places fast.

Create high quality content- fast.

This will cost you. Dearly. But quality marketing is really all you need. Your product must be high quality because your competition is waiting for you to produce junk in order to steal your clients and prospects. Examples of low-grade design services are great selling tools for your competition. Remember that the long-term value on a high-quality product is high. Long-term value on junk is zero.

Develop quality content at low cost.

You can find it, but what are you sacrificing? Time- and time is money.

Ask yourself these three questions as you prepare for your next project.

  • Do you want good or do you want great? What are you willing to sacrifice to only be good?
  • Do you want to make the spend up front for high quality content, or spend more later to upgrade and pay for repairs?
  • Is your business relying on this project to help take it to the next level?

At Group 2, we strive for quality content first, because we know that’s what really matters. We consistently provide our clients with the best possible product that fits their growth needs and will bring them long-term value.

We will work with your business and educate you on our services. After all, an educated client is always a happy client. Call Group 2 today at 412-605-0834 or email us at