Workflow. Do you have one and do you even know what it is? Why would you need an efficient workflow? What are the benefits and is it worth the hassle of establishing such a program?

Simply put, workflow is the “progression of steps (tasks, events, interactions) that comprise a work process, involve two or more persons, and create or add value to the organization’s activities.” It’s where everyone knows their role and can independently get the job done – and on time to boot. A rock-solid workflow allows everyone to see where the project is headed, the processes in place that will get it to completion and if there are any blockers in the pipeline. If there is a problem, is it a project issue, a workflow issue, or a personnel issue? This is all good stuff that will allow you to be better equipped the next time around-the-block.

There you have it. You need an efficient and strong workflow process to keep your client’s projects on track and in check.

What Constitutes a Stellar Workflow?

  • First, outline your needs. At Group 2, we knew from the start that we needed an area where we could all work independently but still work collectively as a team. We wanted to see timelines, calendars, and also have the opportunity to read and comment on content as a whole. After researching many different project management platforms, we selected Basecamp, which is very effective and specific for our industry. Our workflow is now rock-solid and well mapped out.
  • Second, outline your peeps. Every project requires different needs which requires different talent. We do not recommend including peeps that do not bring value to your particular project. You want feedback from those who are involved. No armchair quarterback need apply.
  • Third, outline the work that needs to be done and task those that need to do it. No further explanation needed here.
  • Fourth, stay on top of the project activity. Regardless of what system you choose, being current and up-to-date with the project workflow requires some diligence on your part during the acclamation period.

Once you have created an workflow process for your projects and/or events, you can begin to focus on other areas of the business that need your attention. You have created the habitat for your employees to work collectively without you and will no longer need to keep up with project email threads that need attention and approval.

Benefits of a Well-Organized Workflow

  • You now have one centralized location for an entire project that will be there forever. At least until you stop paying the bills.
  • You have a process in place that allows the team to see the project, the project goals, the team involved, the timeline and deadlines, and also a place to manage project completion.
  • You have shown that you value time and productivity and will now work more effectively and efficiently to free up time for more revenue generating opportunities.
  • No shades of grey here. Expectations set. Deliverables defined.

Are you ready for your next big project? Do you need a strategic marketing plan to help you get there? Group 2 can help get your plan and workflows aligned so you can start generating more revenue. Give us a call at 412.605.0834, ext 3300 or email us at to learn more about our services and how we can help you increase your bottom line.

Side note: Group 2 has been using Basecamp for many years, we highly recommend the program and its full suite of complimentary sites for workflow efficiencies. Visit and give their free trial a spin to see if the program could be right for your business!