Always helping. Always learning ways to add value to client conversations. Always listening to the wants and needs of your clients and prospects will keep you ahead of the game and in the red zone. It’s not always a cake walk to get a solid touch with a client, so when you snag that opportunity, you will want to be sure that you are bringing value to the conversation. We live in a fast-paced online world, but the importance of a useful and helpful sales person continues to remain a critical component of sales success.

In a nutshell, bringing the “value-added” mindset to the client conversation that will provide some form of solution in every exchange will do wonders for retention. Don’t just answer their question, add an additional piece of information that goes above & beyond their request. You will find yourself answering calls instead of making them.

So, what do we mean when we say “add value”?

4 Ways to Add Value to Your Client Conversations

  1. Create a helpful environment – Your client is purchasing your product or services for a reason. They had a need and you helped solve their problem and/or you are helping them solve a problem. Continue with this mindset and always be in help mode. Ask the right questions and learn their pain points. The more you know and understand their needs and wants, the more help you will be able to offer. Helping someone solve a problem brings a great deal of value to the table.
  2. Help them understand their needs – Not all clients will understand where their pain exists and what they need to help solve the problem. This is a great opportunity for you to help them understand where the problem may exist and offer your advice and hopefully a few specific tips.
  3. Offer up helpful resources – Whether it’s a helpful blog or e-book, if it can help them solve a problem or offer them some peace of mind, get it on their desk. There is so much helpful content on the internet that it’s impossible to keep up with it. Therefore, when you do find something worth reading, share it with those that you feel would make use of it as well. Sharing is caring. Sharing something that will help solve a problem screams “retention”.
  4. Communicate. Communicate effectively and efficiently – Communication effectiveness means you deliver a message and the receiver understands it exactly as you intended. … Communication efficiency means that you deliver your message quickly in a way that allows the receiver to hear it, interpret and make use of it as you intended. Do not underestimate the power of stellar communication. This means you are not just talking but you are saying something that is helpful, meaningful and hopefully solving a problem.

Looking to add value to your marketing budget? Give us a shout and tell us your story. Let Group 2 listen and learn. Maybe we can help or perhaps just help you figure out where your marketing problems may exist.

“And when I saw that, I realized that selling was the greatest career a man could want. ’Cause what could be more satisfying than to be able to go, at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered and loved and helped by so many different people?”
Death of a Salesman – Arthur Miller