Group 2 is a marketing, graphic design and branding firm focused on understanding and addressing the business objectives and goals that drive our clients’ needs. We apply our 360° design and development process to ensure our work balances creativity with clarity and cohesiveness. We believe this integrated approach, aligned with our commitment to transparency and responsiveness, is the foundation of productive, enduring client relationships.
About Group 2
  • “ We continually seek stellar creative solutions that are a direct reflection of our program goals and as equally important, on schedule and within budget. Group 2 is perfectly aligned with our corporate objectives and expectations. Their well-rounded design team provides a product that competes well in the marketplace.”

  • “My relationship with Group 2 goes back to 1988, we were actually their first client. Being responsible for designing complete campaigns and Website strategies for national audiences is a continual challenge. This firm has continually maintained and upgraded a fresh approach with every request.”

  • “ Even with an impossible (or so we thought) deadline, Group 2 jumped in enthusiastically, they remained positive and found creative solutions to get the job done and delivered on time without sacrificing product quality. They made the entire program – and us – look good!”

  • 5877 Commerce Street, #206
    Pittsburgh, PA 15206
  • 412.605.0834