Customer loyalty. Retention. Referrals. Leads. Recommendations. Everyone is fighting for them but who captures the most and why? These words are used everyday when discussing revenue generation and they should be because most businesses depend on each one of them to keep the doors open.

Competition is fierce and there are a plethora of marketing agencies who claim to be the best at everything. But are they really the best at everything or maybe just a few things? Are they doing all the work or outsourcing a certain percentage? How well do they know the company or individuals that are doing the work for them? Is the company local or overseas? The big question is, does the prospect know what work is in-house and what is outsourced, and do they care? How does outsourcing affect the project cost and completion date?

Why transparency matters

  1. Needs on both ends must be met and this cannot happen unless everyone is very clear on what is expected, how you plan to get there, who on the team is helping you get there and what outcome is expected. Knowing as much as possible before committing will lead to a more successful project and more happiness getting there. Oh, and yes, retention, referrals, and leads come from happy clients.
  2. You can’t get away with much these days thanks to Al Gore and the world wide web. Therefore, it’s best to be upfront and honest before your prospects find something about your services online ahead of time. Those online reviews…well you either love em’ or hate em’. But they are out there and a quick Google search can disclose just about everything.
  3. Being transparent is best for the bottom line and your business reputation.

There is a lot to think about before locking in with an agency that you hope will take your marketing efforts to the next level. Like any solid relationship, transparency is a must to be successful on both ends. Group 2 understands the importance of demonstrating transparency and we communicate this to our clients. Without crystal clear communication from our clients we can’t give them what they are asking of our team and we need to be honest and upfront with them in order to meet their expectations.

What are a few easy steps to take to be certain you are working with an agency that can handle what you are asking of them?

  • BE TRANSPARENT. Ask questions and get the answers that give you peace of mind.
    • What work is managed in-house and what is outsourced?
    • Is a large portion of the work being done by someone you have not met?
    • What is the relationship between the agency and the contracted company?
    • How tightly is the outsourced work managed?
    • If the creative is outsourced, does it make sense to meet them in order to share your views and expectations?
    • If overseas, how do you handle deadline commitments?
    • What is the accountability position of the company who is managing their contractor’s work?
  • REVIEW THE CONTRACT not once, but several times. Ask a teammate to review it with you so that you don’t miss something of importance.
  • SET TIMELINES AND DEADLINES to be certain the work is being done and everyone is communicating. This way if you do agree to work with an agency that is outsourcing the work, you will be assured that the work is being done on time and as promised.

As mom always says, honesty is the best policy no matter what. This applies to all businesses, not just marketing agencies. Give us a call at 412.605.0834, extension 3300 or email us at to learn more about our services and how we can help you catapult your marketing efforts.