Is your company logo keeping up with the test of time? Are you in denial because you don’t want to invest in refreshing the face of your brand? How do you even know when your logo might need a facelift?

Here are a few conditions that might suggest “it’s time to invigorate the brand”

  • The company was started on a shoestring budget and the logo was the last to be funded. Now is the time to invest.
  • You have merged, been purchased, or are headed down a different business path than when the company started.
  • The logo has lots of elements, colors and consumes too much space on your website. A complex logo is not practical in our digital world.
  • It does not resonate with your company vision or goals.
  • The quality of the logo doesn’t align with the quality of your product or service.

Your logo should be updated over time in order to give your brand a new and up-to-date look. Most logo’s and website have a certain shelf life and should be reviewed at least every 5 years. After all, the logo is the first thing that people notice when viewing your brand for the first time and hopefully it will resonate with them long-term. The ultimate goal is to view a company icon without the name and recognize who it belongs to.

Some easily recognizable icons:

There are so many great examples of logo’s that have been updated in order to keep a fresh look. Company’s change and so should their logo in order to stay relevant and to also tell the company story.

Here are a few examples:

How about those company’s that have merged and need to bring the brands together? Let’s look at a couple of those examples.

We hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane looking at the old vs. new logo’s. Maybe these refreshers will give you a few new ideas for your brand?

If you are not 100% your logo may need an upgrade, give us a call. Chatting is free, and we love talking about branding. There is nothing more important than how others view your brand, so give us a shout. We at Group 2 would be happy to show you our re-brand portfolio and the recent updates we have helped organizations complete.

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