Building a Board of Directors to help you fundraise. Genius idea, but not always easy to activate. We enjoyed reading Carlotta Ungaro‘s article on “Practical Steps to Building a Powerful Fundraising Board”.

Most of us have been on a BoD where two or maybe three have done most of the work and others just spectate or offer suggestions. Frustrating to say the least but creating guidelines up front and holding your board accountable can help take your fundraising to the next level.

What did Group 2 like most about this article? Below are our top 3 takeaways.

  1. Nonprofits who intentionally and strategically recruit board members that can raise money have an advantage over nonprofits that recruit only for industry expertise, policy, or community/industry representation.
  2. Many organizations expect their board members to not only invest, but to fundraise. Again, write the expectations into the policy so there are no surprises. How many leads do they provide? How many dollars are they expected to raise?
  3. Reporting where the board stands on its goals for their contributions and fundraising keeps the board accountable.

Agree and/or disagree? We are curious to hear what you have to say about putting your BoD to work and helping your business raise funds.

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