Wall Street wants to know, investor’s and staff want to know. Hell, even your mom wants to know! How do you plan to make your company succeed in 2018? Well, we can’t predict the future, but what we can predict is that a comprehensive and achievable marketing plan can help accelerate your company business goals.

The often dreaded and ever-evolving plan can be your roadmap to success provided you take the time to put one in place and adhere to it. Collaborating with staff and putting the plan in writing can help to eliminate spontaneous spending decisions that are not in alignment with your company goals and objectives. Large random spends on digital marketing campaigns, collateral, and other marketing initiatives can quickly drain your entire budget and leave you with no ROI. Having the detailed roadmap keeps everyone on the same path, towards the same goal making smart spending decisions.

Everyone – and we do mean EVERYONE – looks for something different in a marketing plan which can be somewhat overwhelming and discouraging before you even get started. But establishing your roadmap and staying on the path will ultimately have a direct and positive impact on your bottom line that should not be ignored. Why is that you ask?

Five No-Brainers Why You Need a Marketing Plan

  1. Where are you headed? A comprehensive plan will outline Mission, Vision, Goals, and Objectives for all to see, understand and activate.
  2. A written plan will help keep your messaging consistent. Consistency helps manage perceptions. What do you want people to think about your brand? Once your stellar plan is in place your message should not be questioned and all company employees should be speaking the same language.
  3. Your marketing plan should outline how you will position your company in the marketplace and indicate how you will differentiate yourself from competitors. Why are you better than the others? How are you helping in ways that your competitors are not? You need this.
  4. A bit costly but a critical piece of the plan will cover how you plan to reach your existing customers and prospects and which materials will provide the best results. The digital marketing space alone can absorb every single penny in your company budget, but planning for this and sticking to it will save you financially in the long run. Use available analytics and learn to love ‘em because they will show you what’s working in a very crowded digital world. Plan on turning those stats into revenue.
  5. Who can you help? Define your Persona’s. This will help everyone know and understand the target audience and how your brand resonates with their wants and needs. You can now create strong and engaging content that will help solve your industry problems. Let’s face it, you can’t help everyone, so figure out who will best benefit from your services and get to work.

Creating a solid marketing plan sounds easy right? Not at all, but having one is critical and much more financially rewarding than not having one. A marketing plan can help you reach your goals quickly and cost-effectively. Need assistance with the process? Give us a call at 412.605.0834 and let’s chat about your goals and objectives for 2018, Group 2 can help you construct a solid plan!