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Understanding the Process When Buying Creative Services

We have all had a client relationship that went south – and not for vacation. We can chalk it up to a “learning experience” and [...]

How to Handle Requests Outside of Your Business Comfort Zone

Our industry, along with just about all others, often get requests that aren't perfectly suited for our day-to-day core business strengths. Do you offer everything [...]

Graphic Design Services – Quality, Cost or Quick Delivery?

Back in the day, quality was king with relative costs understood and timing negotiable. In today's world, it's all about how cheap and how quick [...]

Website design for your organization – Are you a fan of a custom site or do-it-yourself (DIY) site?

An obvious question when thinking about building a new website or revamping a current site is how should it be developed, work with a professional [...]

Flexible Work Hours & Working from Home – Do You Have What it Takes to Make it Work?

We have all dreamed at one point or another about flexible work and work from home schedules. The cold rainy days bring on thoughts of [...]

Emotional Intelligence. What is it and Why All the Press These Days?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to: recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions. recognize, understand, and influence the emotions of others. it means being aware [...]

How to Build a Board that Contributes to Fundraising

Building a Board of Directors to help you fundraise. Genius idea, but not always easy to activate. We enjoyed reading Carlotta Ungaro's article on “Practical Steps [...]

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Instilling the Military Veteran Experience into Our Younger Culture

The value of seasoned Veterans nurturing the younger generations, whether in the workplace and/or in our personal lives, can only help to improve the future. [...]

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Case Study: Equitrans Midstream Corporation

About the Client Equitrans Midstream Corporation was formed as a publicly traded, standalone entity when EQT Corporation announced plans to separate its midstream business (gathering, transmission [...]

Case Study: North Star Financial Services

About the Client North Star Family of Financial Services provides high quality investment strategies that address investors’ specific needs and objectives. The company’s audience includes [...]

What the heck is UX Copy and why does it matter?

The User Experience UX, better known as User Experience, refers to the experience that people have while interacting with your product online. Copy, well it’s [...]

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Interesting Articles on Personal Branding and Online Marketing

Have a couple of free minutes? Check out a few of these interesting articles on personal branding and online marketing that we've been reading recently: [...]

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Re-engaging With an Ex-client or Missed Opportunity. Make It Work for You.

Customer service and maintaining a strong working relationship with your clients should always be a top priority. Sometimes it takes a lot of work and [...]

Effective Communication Protocols

Meeting new people, overseeing a business transaction, building trust, whether personal or professional, these actions all begin with some form of communication. We spend a [...]

Stats That Will Motivate You to “Keep On Blogging”

Blogging. We often hear about the importance of it and the impact it will have on driving traffic to your website. It takes a while [...]

Are you managing your time effectively or is time managing you?

Multiple projects with rapidly approaching deadlines, client meetings, personnel reviews, employee training, social media audits, etc. Oh, and let’s not forget to check all those [...]

Transparency is the new black. It looks good on everyone.

Customer loyalty. Retention. Referrals. Leads. Recommendations. Everyone is fighting for them but who captures the most and why? These words are used everyday when discussing [...]

Print should be in your marketing strategy. Seriously.

Don’t break out the black dress or suit just yet, print is still alive despite the rumors. While digital marketing certainly is the favored contender [...]

30 Years in Business. 5 Traits to help keep you aligned.

While you might have been busy celebrating the birth of Rihanna and Adele, rocking out to Bad Medicine, trying to figure out Who Framed Roger [...]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success – Let’s be real

And then the client said, “I want to be ranked by tomorrow”. Oh boy, we love having this conversation with clients and prospects. A lot [...]

Managing Client Expectations – 6 Tips to Help Ensure Client Satisfaction 

Consistent and ongoing communication is the key to any successful relationship. I think we can all agree that some are better at this task than others. However, [...]

Create and Deliver Value – The Importance of Having a Sound Marketing Plan

Wall Street wants to know, investor’s and staff want to know. Hell, even your mom wants to know! How do you plan to make your [...]

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