Group 2 Summer Hours

posted on May 29th 2015 in Blog with 0 Comments

We survived the long harsh winter, quasi spring and now embrace the promise of a beautiful summer. The livin’ is easy.

It’s time 2 relax, explore and recharge!

Group 2 is adopting summer hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day that enables our staff to have an extra Friday off each month plus time to explore the things that inspire, ignite and educate us.

Don’t worry, you’ll continue to receive Group 2’s uninterrupted ultra-responsive service, thanks to our smart scheduling and stellar project management. You will also enjoy the bonus of our expanded knowledge, invigorated creative and good vibes. All this at no extra cost.

Time 2 get it going on…..bring it, summer!

Group 2 is a marketing, graphic design and branding firm focused on understanding and addressing the business objectives and goals that drive our clients’ needs. We apply our 360° design and development process to ensure our work balances creativity with clarity and cohesiveness. We believe this integrated approach, aligned with our commitment to transparency and responsiveness, is the foundation of productive, enduring client relationships.

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